First Western Properties - Tacoma Office

With over 35 brokers at our disposal, they offer leads for leasing and sales for all of our projects. Two brokers in particular Lisa & Jameson work for Tangodoe Investment Properties exclusively from the beginning to completion of a project. After the purchase through construction and renovation, marketing materials for leasing and potential sale of the project are created and sent off to the entire Commercial Brokers Association. This process helps immensely in keeping our projects at the forefront of both tenants and or buyers that might be interested once construction is completed and sent off to the entire Commercial Brokers Association.

Lisa Sullivan​

Lisa Sullivan joined First Western Properties in 1990. Prior to joining the company, her experience included ownership of a real estate office, working all operational aspects of day-to-day management. As a native of Gig Harbor, she aspires to bring quality service to the community and surrounding markets both personally and professionally. She enjoys an extensive reputation in all aspects of commercial real estate in the Pacific Northwest, she is patient and very much goal driven in creating long-lasting client relationships.

Lisa Sullivan (Tallman) has been in commercial real estate her entire life. Coming from her work at Purdy real estate in her teenage years working alongside her dad, then years of work at Talmo Development, a land development company her dad and another Gig Harbor man formed. This is, and always will be her passion. Lisa’s involvement in helping with all our projects is priceless. Having the ability to lean on her and the entire team at First Western Properties is something that we count on. 

Jameson Sullivan​

Jameson started work in the real estate business at a very young age and he didn’t know at the time that the information he was learning would make him extremely successful later in life.

At the age of 7, Jameson’s dad (owner of Tangodoe Investment Properties) would take him to projects on weekends and after school. His dads first building in Issaquah is where jameson learned the values of proper presentation of a commercial building. Cleaning up the lobby and polishing the floors was to make it feel more professional. (Jameson didn’t like the work at all!)  Picking the weeds in the parking lot, then re-striping each of the parking stall was also an important factor. He then learned that this particular building was one of a select few that had parking. He then found that his dad had agreed to rent each of the stalls to the live theater down the street for $5 each ($60 per night) while the theater was in session. Each task they’d do to the building was in preparation to getting better rates from all tenants, and doing so without any negative feedback.

He learned that we bought buildings that had very low rates for a reason. The buildings were in rough shape and needed work. A quick introduction and getting a list of things our tenants thought needed repaired or improved would only help negotiations down the road.

This type of lesson went on building by building, house by house, and after all those lessons, Jameson’s knowledge of how the world of commercial real estate works, was so ingrained in him, he just knew what to look for and what it needed. He now works for First Western Properties in Tacoma alongside his dads wife Lisa. 

Dad would like to take the credit, but believes he was only responsible for getting him started, and Jameson did the rest.